You have taken the first step to improving your skills and confidence in providing needed care to women who experience domestic violence.

Developed by a panel of experts including physicians, nurses, social workers and researchers, this online curriculum covers basic to advanced competencies and everything from acute injuries to more subtle indicators.

The program is convenient and always available. Begin any time, 24/7, and with the handy pause feature, you can stop to answer the phone, get a sandwich, or take a break when you need it.

Although to become fully competent you must complete all 17 scenarios, you can do one a week, one a day, or all at once – you decide.

What your colleagues are saying...

"Very innovative, interactive and evidence-based. I would highly recommend it for all practicing physicians. It has changed my practice!"
Saleh Fares Aal-Ali, MBBS FRCPC
EMS Fellow, Department of Emergency Medicine Division, University of Toronto

"The DV Education site is immensely helpful, educational, professional and website accessible. I highly recommend it to all health care professionals."
Debra Kiez, MD, CCFP(EM)
Emergency Physician - York Central Hospital / North York General Hospital (Branson) - Toronto

"I've presented this training tool to various health care providers. Everyone has always been very enthusiastic about the training. I hope that this training tool will become a required part of orientation for all hospital staff!"
Victoria Scott, RN
Nurse / Counsellor - Bay Centre for Birth Control, Women's College Hospital - Toronto

"These cases are excellent! They take you through realistic scenarios and help the learner to understand the prevalence and severity of domestic violence in our ER patient population. Additionally, the entire curriculum underscores the importance of screening for domestic violence in our patients."
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine - Schülich School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Western Ontario